My wife and I moved to Virginia during the summer of 2013. This move coincided with my falling in love with trail running. The beautiful eastern forests and mountains called me every single day and eventually I stopped calling it “trail running” and began telling my wife I was “leaving to run through the woods…like a bigfoot!”

After awhile I adapted “Like a Bigfoot” as my mantra.  To me it represents the benefits gained from going after goals, consistently focusing on doing the little things right, putting in the hard work, and occasionally jumping feet first into uncomfortableness.  We’ve recently moved to Colorado and have carried the “Like a Bigfoot” attitude from Appalachia to the mountains of the West.

Therefore the purpose of this website is to promote the “Like a Bigfoot” mindset.  We are nurturing a community of badasses who are willing to chase adventure, go exploring in nature, push themselves to their own personal limits, and accomplish feats beyond anything they thought possible!  We do this in order to spread messages of goodness around this great world!

Updated every Friday morning, our podcast spreads this message through interviews with incredible people about Motivation, Mindset, Positivity, Endurance, Adventure, Perseverance, and Possibility.  You can find every episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.  You can also join our community by connecting with our Facebook group or following on Instagram.

We hope this helps on your quest to become the best human possible on this beautiful planet!