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Month: July 2018

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #103: Catra Corbett — The John Muir Ramble FKT, Writing “Reborn on the Run”

This week I’m super pumped to chat with Catra Corbett, one of the most accomplished ultrarunners I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a few miles with.

Catra is a wonderful human being and an amazing athlete.  When you meet her you instantly know that she absolutely loves running and expresses her joy for the sport by taking on gigantic challenges.  Just to give you an idea here’s some of her summer schedule- Beyond the Limits 72 hour run, Desert RATS stage race, FKT on the 310 mile John Muir Ramble Route, and then the Triple Crown of 200s (where you run all three of Candice’s 200 mile races)!! And that doesn’t include crewing for Badwater, the a handful of other races she’s signed up for, and her current running streak!

In this episode Catra shares stories from her early running career before we get into her recent FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the John Muir Ramble Route- 310 miles from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park.  It sounds like it was a really challenging adventure that led her and her crew through all the peaks and valleys that come from ultrarunning challenges.

We also talk about the impact she has on others by sharing her story and expressing her love of running.

Catra recently wrote a book called “Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addict to Ultramarathons” which is an excellent read that will show you that anything is possible when you discover your passions.  I really respect her for using her powerful story to EMPOWER OTHERS.  I shared the link below so you can check it out!

Hope you enjoy the episode! We’ll be back at you next week!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #102: Pete Kostelnick — Men’s Record Running Across U.S., Running Alaska to Florida

This week we are chatting with the incredible Hoka One One athlete Pete Kostelnick.

In 2016 Pete ran from San Francisco to New York City in 42 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes, shattering the previous record set in 1980.  That’s an average of 72 miles each day!

He also holds the fastest time for Badwater 135 which is commonly known as one of the hardest endurance races in the world as it traverses Death Valley in July.

In this episode Pete talks a bit about those accomplishments but mostly we dig into his next challenge.

Starting in August, he will run self supported from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska all the way to Key West, Florida, while pushing a stroller full of his supplies the entire 5,000 miles.  What exactly is his strategy going into this thing?  How does a supported 2,000 mile journey compare to a self supported 5,000 one ?  What concerns does he have running through Alaska and Northern Canada?

This is the kind of adventure that is a must follow over the next few months! Watching Pete as he makes his way across the continent will act as daily inspiration to get out and achieve your goals.

Thanks so much for Pete for coming on the show! I wish you the best of luck on this AMAZING feat!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #101: Desert RATS 4 — Stories from My Fellow Racers

This week’s Like a Bigfoot Podcast features stories from some of my fellow racers from the Desert RATS stage race.  These folks are absolutely amazing athletes and incredible human beings with stories that are intense, motivating, and will hopefully inspire you to step up to your own challenges.

It was great to reconnect because, after our experience traversing the desert, we bonded into a tight knit, super positive community.  This was the most surprising aspect of the race- Random strangers relying on each other and rooting for each other’s success.  After recapping, the power of this was something all of us felt.  It is something every single person needs to experience.  Desert RATS taught me why we should ALWAYS give other people the absolute best of ourselves, because WHY NOT??

In this episode we reconnect with the awesome Phil Pinti as he shares his thoughts on the race and his experiences pushing through one of the hardest race days he’s ever faced.

We also chat with Micky Sederburg about Hypernatremia and what happens when the wheels fall off in the middle of the most remote part of the desert.  Micky’s story is intense and his resolve for next year’s comeback will inspire me forever.

Next is Rachel Ridgway who traveled out from Maryland and talks about how she overcame a rough start to the week to finish strong.  She has inspired me to always push forward no matter the obstacles.

Thomas Mullins had an amazing week and taught me so much about ultrarunning, pacing, nutrition, how to properly put on sunscreen and why to buy a $20 cowboy hat.  I was so grateful to finish this race with him as I could not think of a better way to run down into Moab then chasing a cowboy through the desert.

Last on the podcast is Paul Scheuring.  Paul summarizes the experience of Desert RATS beautifully- a group of people who, at times, are willing to bear the burden for others to succeed.  It’s a wonderful lesson and Paul shares a remarkable story of a fellow racer, Scott (who rocks), supporting him in the brutal most desolate moment of his race.

I hope you guys enjoy! After this episode we are going to take a break from Desert RATS for a little bit.  But there will be another podcast like this in a month or so with some of the other racers and crew members, because I want to give each and every person involved a chance to share their experience.

See you guys next week!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #100: Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Race Report

This week’s episode is my race report from Gemini Adventures Desert RATS stage race.

Desert RATS is a 6 day stage race on the Kokopelli Trail from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah.
This was one of my absolute favorite adventures I have ever experienced and I am extremely excited to share this race report for the special episode 100 of the podcast!!
Throughout this episode, I recap the event to my buddy Brady Manriquez and share a few audio clips I took during various stages of the race.  We talk about the incredible group of people involved, the power of supporting each other through hard times, the bizarre thoughts you get while running a long way, how the little things add up, and the power of having a WHY and running with intention.
I hope you guys enjoy and take something away from this show.  This one was not easy to record as it gets pretty personal, but I feel strongly that if it helps or encourages just one person get through a hard time it was absolutely worth it.
Next week, I’m putting together a retrospective from fellow racers and crew.  It’s gonna be awesome!

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