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Month: November 2016

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #13: Melissa Gosse

Imagine running 200 miles (….hold on, let me say that again, TWO HUNDRED MILES) gaining and losing 35,117 feet of elevation as you circumnavigate one of the most beautiful environments in North America, Lake Tahoe.  Now imagine doing that in 90 hours with a total of 5 hours of sleep.  Can you picture the crazy hallucinations, foot pain, and severe exhaustion you would be experiencing?  How about traveling every painful step alongside your significant other??  How on earth would you endure?

Our guest this week is Melissa Ramba Sinclair and this is the fascinating story of how she and her husband Jon survived the Tahoe 200 ultra marathon last September.

For people who think 100 miles is not enough, the Tahoe 200 became the first of a new brand of ultra-races- the 200s.  The type of event awaiting a small group of badasses brave enough to step up to its challenge.  Seemingly a experiment of iron will to see if humans can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Completing a 200 appears to be a way to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can overcome ANYTHING life throws your way.

Melissa’s story is fascinating, intimidating, hilarious, brutal, inspiring, and is guaranteed to open your eyes to what we are capable of achieving if only we are driven, disciplined, and uplifted by the ones we love.

I’m inspired by the bond she shares with her husband.  By running ultra-endurance events together they have strengthened their relationship and have generated a better understanding of each other’s feelings, needs, and spirit.  Melissa makes a great case for “powering through difficult situations to nurture a stronger relationship.”

And they hallucinated…a lot.

Thank you so much Melissa for sharing such a unique experience and inspiring me to look for even greater challenges in the future!  Enjoy the show!

Please follow Melissa and Jon’s adventures on their blog “Ultra Mel and Jon” and if you’re brave enough to consider 2017’s Tahoe 200 you can find more info HERE.


Like a Bigfoot Podcast #12: Cameron Dorn

What kind of mental toughness and physicality does it take to break a Guinness World Record?  How about choosing one of the most dreaded exercises out there?  What drives someone to set a seemingly unfeasible goal and then actually demolish it??

I met Cameron Dorn while climbing the Black Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina in the midst of what was advertised as “the world’s hardest 50k”.  To give you an idea how steep this was, the first 5k took about an hour twenty minutes.  During the brutally challenging ascent I started chatting with a group of guys to pass the time; Scott, Dane and Cameron.  They were all super awesome in their own rights but one especially was an endless supply of energy and positivity.

Cameron instantly became the most memorable person I have met during an ultra race.  He was happy to let me tag along with him and his buddies as we trudged along the 24,000 feet of elevation gain, entertaining us with endless hilarious stories and motivation along the way.

About halfway through his friends casually mentioned that he set the world record for burpees and that this barbaric race (which he was making look like a cake walk) was his first ultra-marathon ever.  “This dude is insane in the greatest possible way!” I thought to myself.

His unbreakable mindset, endless supply of energy and positive psyche was unforgettable.

He’s the type of guy that will make an outrageous claim (like 10,000 burpees in 24 hours) one night and then ACTUALLY put the in the work to make his dreams a reality.

I’m so honored that I was able to catch back up with him and listen to the whole story of the Guinness world record, his philosophy on hard work and accomplishing LOFTY goals, the Transylvania 100k, and so much more!

In the honor of Thanksgiving, thousands of thanks to Cameron for sharing his story and to you guys for tuning in and trying to better yourself week after week!

Burpee World Record

Quest for the Crest 50k


Like a Bigfoot Podcast #11: Natalie Larson

What in the world would is it like to run 100 miles??  What about running for 24 hours nonstop?  How about running these crazy events and WINNING?

Today’s guest is Hammer Nutrition athlete and all around ultramarathon badass, Natalie Larson.  In 2015 she went on a spree of 100 milers, knocking off the distance NINE TIMES through various 100 milers and 24 hour endurance events.  She accomplished this feat all across the United States, from California all the way to Vermont, bonding with so many runners in the ultra community.

The more she competed the more her body adapted to the miles.  She became more athletic and faster with each event, began going out fast and finishing STRONG, and ended up winning quite a few (including a race where she placed first OVERALL beating both the men and women).

Outside of her own racing, she has checked off quite a few “ultra bucket list items”: finished the rim to rim to rim through the Grand Canyon, been a pacer at Western States and a crew member at Badwater.

In this episode I wanted to gain a better understanding of the 100 mile distance, pick Natalie’s brain about training, mindset, and mid-race nutrition, and simply geek out about ultrarunning.  My hope is that Natalie’s story will open your eyes to the possibilities of human potential and clarify the great benefits of pushing your limits.

Thanks for listening every week!  I can’t describe how much fun I am having putting together this podcast! If you have any comments, questions, ideas for guests, or if you want to share your own adventures be sure to join the discussion on Facebook at Like a Bigfoot.  Go get outside!

(NOTE:  Skype dropped a few times during our discussion, so there might be a few moments where I had to edit and the conversation skips.  It shouldn’t be too jarring!  The way I look at it this is just part of the learning process.  The obstacle is the way!!!)

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #10: Travis Steffen

Last April Travis Steffen ran his first ultra marathon, the Grayson Highlands 50k.  He showed up almost completely unprepared and untrained, he was at the peak of the “weight gaining” phase of a body building cycle which put him about 25 pounds heavier than normal, and he was coming off a couple of rough emotional weeks.

But he finished.  All 31 miles of mountain pain.  Through the rain and mud, past the giant longhorn bulls, up and down steep hills, showing extreme mental toughness as he marched his way to the finish line.

Throughout the day, as he limped around, painfully grunting with each tiny movement, you could not wipe the smile off of his face.

Why?  How did this experience completely change his outlook on himself, his past behaviors, and his previous mentality?

That’s what we get into in this episode.  And it gets raw.  Travis had no problems opening up and sharing the major flaws in his previous mindset (in both his athletic career and in other areas of life) that he has discovered after reading the book “Extreme Ownership” by former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.

The message is really important “You are responsible for where you are today.  No excuses, no pity party.  You know what you need to do to be better…so do it.  Change the way you perceive obstacles.  They are not ‘bad’ or ‘good’, they are just there.  They are the stepping stones to improvement.”  

WARNING:  One thing I love and respect about Travis (among many) is that he is 100% authentic and unashamed to be who he is and talk the way he talks.  That being said, there is a fair amount of cursing in this episode…so be aware if you have innocent ears or  kids roaming around.  Travis might teach you some new vocabulary.  

Grayson Highlands Race:

Sign up here for the most beautiful race in Virginia- 1/2 marathon or 50k option.  Registration starts November 24th and WILL sell out.

Check out Runbum’s other races in the Mid-Atlantic.  The dude will take you on a tour of some of the prettiest mountain ranges in the south.

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