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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #37: Candice Burt — Race Director For Bigfoot & Tahoe 200s, Racing The HURT 100

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This week’s Like a Bigfoot episode is, fittingly enough, with the creator of the Bigfoot 200 mile endurance, Candice Burt.  In fact, she organizes, manages, and directs THREE 200 mile races: Bigfoot, Tahoe, and Moab (really 234 miles…but at that point what’s 34 more!)

Candice is a really thoughtful, funny, and happy person….for someone who jokingly received the moniker of “most masochistic race director in the world!”  I was so grateful get to speak with her before she takes off into the wilderness planning the next big race.

In this episode we talk about all the highs and lows of organizing such a gigantic event, how she keeps her runners safe, what people can expect from a 200 mile event, how to train for her races, and how 200 milers are a whole different BEAST than 100 milers.  She really gave me an idea of the massive amount of work involved in putting on a successful ultra.  Pretty amazing!

We also discuss what it’s like to ‘fastpack’ through isolated wilderness areas, what to do when you see mountain lions in the middle of nowhere, and how she handles running the brutal HURT 100 in Hawaii.

Hope y’all enjoy this episode!! (Heading to North Carolina for a wedding so I gotta get my southern back!)

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Thanks guys!! You are the best!

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