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Month: July 2014

Relax into the Uncomfortable

Running is hard. Lifting weights is hard. Yoga is hard. Sitting around, binge-watching entire seasons of TV shows is easy. Exercise in general can be challenging, particularly if you are just starting to get back into shape.

You will be uncomfortable. You are contorting your body, putting pressure on your joints, discovering muscles in places you didn’t think possible, and quite literally tearing your body down so it can rebuild itself. This is especially true starting out. This is why it is so damn hard to stick with an exercise routine that is new to you.

The first few weeks will be uncomfortable. You will wonder “what the hell am I doing?” over and over again. This is where being cool with being uncomfortable comes into play. Continue reading

Repulsions You Get to While Trail Running

1. Spiderwebs in the eyes

​Spiders are the practical jokers of the wild.  Trail runners are generally their marks. I imagine them giggling wildly as they construct their webs directly at eye level, high-fiving their buddy as they see a runner coming around the corner, and laughing hysterically as the runner inevitably blinds themselves momentarily with webbing. After a year of trail running I am almost considered an expert at pulling webs out from under my eyelids (10,000 hours baby).

2. Spiderwebs in the mouth

This is where trail runners get their revenge.  The amount of spiders I have accidently eaten has skyrocketed since beginning to run through the woods.  My culinary review: Not too delicious, but ultimately a good source of protein. Continue reading

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