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Month: August 2019

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #160: Bigfoot Sightings 4 — Climbing Mt. Rainier, Training for first 50 Miler

This week on the show we are bringing you two, count them, TWO guests!!

We’re back with our 4th edition of “Bigfoot Sightings”, the episodes where we catch up briefly with a few of our favorite people from previous shows.

First, we have the awesome Calvin Johannsen fresh off of his 2nd successful summit of the iconic Mt. Rainier.  In this episode he shares the story of his new adventure.  The importance of good people while experiencing a sufferfest, why he was so dang sleep deprived over the course of his adventure, and why working as a team got him to the top!

Then we are reconnecting with Jason Sudduth and his wife Joy as they share adventures in running and ultra running in the Southeast.  Jason recently signed up for his first 50 miler and catch back up with his trail running adventures at Grayson Highlands and Quest for the Crest before tackling the topic of injury prevention.  Joy started working at the Brick, the local running store, and has been battling through some injuries as well.  We chat about why we need to slowly ramp up the miles to prevent future pain and misery in our running careers!

Hope you all enjoy!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #159: Jayson Sime 2 — How to Run 82.5 Miles, Right to Shine

(Cover Photo by Randy Ericksen)

This week on the show we are reconnecting with public speaker, coach, ultra runner, and creator of Right to Shine Jayson Sime.

We last spoke with Jayson on Episode #85 about Brendan Leonard’s fantastic short film “How to Run 100 Miles”, one of the best ultra running films out there and the story of Jayson and Brendan’s very first 100 miler.

This time we are chatting about his second 100 mile attempt at the Black Hills 100.  I think you can discern from this episode’s title that the race didn’t quite go as planned, resulting in a DNF after 82.5 tough miles.

In this episode, Jayson shares the lessons he learned from that experience as it applies to both ultra running and everyday life.  We also chat about how to rebound from, process, and grow from a DNF.

As a public speaker, author and coach Jayson uses his optimism and his energy to help people reach for their full potential.  Please check out his website for more info and some awesome personal growth articles!

Hope you all enjoy the show!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #158: Erica Rackley — Lessons From Her First 100 Miler, Colorado Adventure Guides

This week we are chatting with ultra runner Erica Rackley fresh off of running 100 miles through the mountains!

For the past few months Erica has put in hours and hours of work training for her first 100 miler and a few weeks ago she crossed the finish line of the High Lonesome 100 out here in Colorado.  In this episode, we chat all about what led her to toeing the start line of such an epic event, the adventures (and misadventures) she had throughout the race, and her thoughts and reflections throughout the days following.

Erica chats openly about how she felt about her performance in the race.  It’s an interesting dynamic- how do you navigate feeling like you accomplished something huge while also feeling like you didn’t perform as well as you expected. Erica does a great job explaining her perspective and I really found it interesting to discuss.

If you are ever. visiting Summit County, Colorado, Erica is in charge of organizing the trail running trips for the Colorado Adventure Guides.  Be sure to check them out!! She’ll take you on some incredibly beautiful trails away from the crowds as she designs routes custom made for you and your trip!  Find more info here:

Thanks for listening!!! I really learned a lot from this episode and hope you find some great takeaways from Erica’s story!

(Cover photo by: Mile 90 Photography)


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Like a Bigfoot #157: Emily Wanless — The Midwestern Ultrarunning Scene, Preparing for the CCC

This week we are sitting down and chatting with Emily Wanless, an ultrarunner who has been putting up awesome times in races all over the midwest!

Emily lives in South Dakota and after discovering a passion for running ridiculously long distances, she dived head first into the ultrarunning scene.  From crewing, pacing and being an exemplar aid station worker to racing and winning races herself, she has fully gone “all in” on long distance running.

In this episode we chat about a smorgasbord of running and adventure topics: a recent adventure up a 14er, what led her into ultrarunning, her recent victory at the Kettle Moraine 100k, and her expectations for the upcoming CCC in France (one of the premiere ultra races in the world).

Besides her CCC training, the main topic of discussion this week is the Midwestern Ultrarunning scene.  As an Iowan born and raised, I am seriously getting interested in exploring the midwestern country on foot and wanted to get Emily’s recommendations on some awesome races out in the plains.  I truly think this sport is the best way to really connect with an area and to be able to connect in that way with the midwest would be really special.  Emily is such a wonderful ambassador for Midwestern ultrarunning and has some really awesome suggestions for races in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Can’t wait to share this episode with you guys!! Thank you to Emily for sharing an hour with me and to you guys for listening and supporting the show!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #156: Gene Day — How Running Transformed His Life, Prepping for His 2nd 50k

This week we are chatting with someone who has used his discovery of passion in running and endurance sports to transform his life.

Gene Day was never an athlete growing up.  Years of alcoholism and a sedentary lifestyle left him in a spot of depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction.  But life isn’t defined by where you were.  It is not about being stuck in a moment in time, unable to break the chains of your present situation.  Life is an open book, the pages in front of you are blank, waiting for you to tell the story.

Gene picked up the pencil and started telling a different story.  Eleven and a half years of intentional action, consistency and celebrating gradual successes along the way and here he is prepping for his hardest race yet, the Volcanic 50k around Mt. St. Helens.

In this episode, Gene shares his story.  How he used consistent incremental gains to become first a runner and then a marathoner and now an ultrarunner and how he embraced the mindset of “to be good at something you have to be willing to be bad at it for awhile.”

This episode is fantastic.  The philosophies Gene has formed through endurance sports are absolutely wonderful!!  I truly related to his mindset and the joy he displays when chatting about the sport we love.

Our hope is that this conversation will light a fire under you so you will seek purpose and share your own inspiration as you chase your goals!

(Also he has a powerful reason for wanting to run around Mt. St. Helens originating from driving near it on a very significant day in the volcano’s history.  Don’t want to give anything away but this story was AWESOME!!)


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