Like a Bigfoot

Episode 300!!!

This week I’m celebrating the milestone by hanging out with three amazing dudes I met as a direct result of starting this project. Thomas Mullins, Phil Pinti, Paul Scheuring and I met back in 2018 at the Desert RATS stage race and have taken on many adventures since then.

Truly meeting these three has been an absolute honor and I couldn’t find anything more fitting to end “Season One” then diving deep on concepts of adventure and purpose with them!

This episode is really a two parter:

Part one- all three of us discuss what led us to long endurance events in the wilderness and how we’ve grown through them.

Part two- Phil and I discuss where I’m going with the show and why I’m taking a three month break from new episodes (I will be putting out replays of some of my favorite ones throughout the summer though!!)

Hope you all enjoy and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for three hundred wonderful episodes!!!


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