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Month: June 2018

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #98: Desert RATS 3 — One Week Out With Phil Pinti

We are one week out from the Desert RATS Kokopelli Stage Race- a 6 day run through the desert- and this week I’m chatting with fellow racer and all around AWESOME guy Phil Pinti.

When it comes to stage races, neither Phil or I have any experience which means one week out we cannot be any more excited and nervous!

When you break the race down into the most simplistic terms, it seems fairly straight forward- keep putting one foot in front of the other.  But, as you will find out in this episode, there is an insane amount involved when planning and training for a multi-day event: food, hydration, self-care, sleeping arrangements, mandatory equipment, and safety procedures, and many more concerns.

In this episode Phil and I discuss our training and preparation, our expectations for the race, what we are looking forward to, and, most importantly, our why- the reason to sign up for something that is going to push you physically and mentally.

I really hope you enjoy listening to the show! I really loved chatting with Phil and am excited to meet him in a few days.

I truly hope you are out there stepping up to your big challenges and goals.  These events are exhilarating and bring enthusiasm and beauty to our lives. Go get ’em!!



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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #97: Travis Steffen 4 — Lessons From MMA & Cultivating a “Bias for Action”

This week we are continuing our chat with Travis Steffen about his experiences in a wide variety of athletic endeavors.  In this episode we dig into his late teens/ early twenties when he was fighting MMA, a time I’ve never really heard him speak in depth about.  Every time Travis is on the show I always learn something new and fascinating about him and this week is no different!

When he was 17 he used his “Bias for Action” to pursue something that was completely outside the norm for us growing up in smaller town Iowa, MMA fighting.  Luckily, one of the best training facilities at the time, Pat Miletich’s gym, was 30 minutes away.  So, always being one to forge his own path, he did what I have to imagine was the scariest possible thing, he stepped completely outside his comfort zone and signed up.

This conversation is about the lessons and experiences he had throughout the 7 or 8 years he spent training and fighting MMA.  We chat everything from training to realizing that professional fighters were just regular everyday people (who could knock you out in two seconds…but still) to reflecting on specific fights he had (aka the time I saw him get punched in the face a bunch) to the time he was mugged and stabbed.

Hope you guys enjoy!  Chatting with Travis is truly one of my absolute favorite pastimes.  I just love the guy!

We’ll get back at you next week!

P.S.- As we are quickly approaching our 100th episode of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast, I’d love to reach out to you to see if you have any ideas about how we could celebrate such an awesome milestone! If you have any suggestions email them to  Thanks so much for listening, I am so very grateful!

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