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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #298: Simon Baker — Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Solitude and Connecting Through Fishing

This week we have an excellent conversation with Ontario Fishing Guide Simon Baker about Open-mindedness, the power of curiosity and Leadership through conversation!!

We also talk about the pure joy of fishing!!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #126: Episodes #40-80 CLIPSHOW!!

This week features some of my favorite moments from episodes #40-80 of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast.  Hope you guys enjoy!!

Featuring adventure stories, life lessons and plenty of inspiration from: Josh Lajaunie, Miguel Medina, “Antarctic Gurka” Scott Sears, “Iowans for Everest” Andy Anderson, Kuntal Joisher, Candice Burt, Natalie Larson, Scott Morris, “Running the Parks” Bill Sycalik, “Feral Mountain Co.” Jimmy Funkhouser, “Blackalachian” Daniel White, Shane Dowty, and Lindsey Ward.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this show and thanks for you guys for checking it out! I really appreciate it and hope you had an amazing 2018!! We have some big plans for 2019 and I sincerely hope you do too!

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #125: Travis Steffen 5 — The Power of Authenticity and How to Battle Self Doubt and t

This week Travis Steffen is back on the show for a unprecedented 5th time!

As always our conversation hits on a variety of topics; serious, goofy, bizarre and everything in between.  On this week’s show we explore our relationship with self doubt, imposter syndrome and the power of authenticity.  We also discuss Travis’s current athletic goals and some of his plans for 2019.

Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Just a heads up- next week we will be putting out a Clipshow episode as we revisit episodes 40-80.  Then we will be back in 2019 with some AWESOME guests (recorded a few episodes today and I’m so incredibly stoked to share them with you).  Have a great holiday season!!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #121: Tony Nguyen — “Endorphin Dude”, From Non-Athlete to Lifelong Runner

This week we are welcoming the super energetic and awesome Tony Nguyen to the show!

Tony has an incredible story of transforming himself from a non-athlete, self professed “last in gym class” to a man who has gone all in on the running community.  After a heart attack scare, he started walking.  Walking turned into running.  Running turned into becoming a Marathon Maniac.  That became transforming into an ultra runner.

Tony’s story is one of re-invigoration and becoming energized through activity.  It’s also one of extreme perseverance, how to use failure to achieve success, and the power of positivity!

You can find all of his stuff by looking up Endorphin online.  Enjoy!





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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #110: Zandy Mangold — Chasing Your Passions, How Photography Led to Ultrarunning

This week’s show features an amazing photographer and awesome ultra runner Zandy Mangold!

Zandy started ultrarunning after being hired as the photographer for the Racing the Planet series.  Since then he has been all around the world and has participated in a wide variety of races- everything from week long stage races in Chile to the Badwater 135 to the Georgia Death Race and so much more!!

In this episode Zandy explains the journey of turning his passion for photography into his career.  He also gives us a rundown of the 4 desert races, talks about the conundrum of watching people suffer through an ultra marathon only to think to yourself “I think I should do this!” and describes the extreme heat he faced at Badwater this year.

Hope you guys enjoy the show! I really loved chatting with Zandy.  I always think it’s super inspiring when someone is living their life guided by their passions!

Be sure to check out all of his photos by following run_n_shoot on instagram

His work is incredible!





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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #93: Cory Reese — 100 Miler on a Cruise Ship, Author of “Into the Furnace”, Badwater

This week I’m very excited to welcome ultra runner and writer Cory Reese to the podcast.

First of all, Cory recently finished running a 100 miler on the deck of a cruse ship!  That’s 16 laps per mile- 1,600 laps around and around and around the same teeny tiny track, fueling on an endless supply from the ice cream machine as he took on some self-imposed suffering.  All the while overlooking people lounging around at the pool.

Just had to get that out there! I cannot even begin to wrap my head around a 100 miler, let alone one on a cruise ship…. Insanity!

Cory is one of my favorite writers in the sport of ultrarunning.  His first book “Nowhere Near First” is one of the absolute best views of this crazy sport from a “regular”, non-elite, perspective.  Most of us are not elite athletes and Cory fully represents the spirit of why an everyday person participates in something so seemingly bizarre as running for hours and hours through the woods (or on a cruise ship).

He comes across as a “regular” dude, but his mindset is anything but.  Regular people don’t step up to the challenge of Badwater, a 135 mile run through Death Valley in July.  Cory did.  We get into why and how he took this on a bit in the show.

He recently wrote about his experience and all the craziness of Badwater in his upcoming book “Into the Furnace” which you can (and should) pre-order now by checking out his Kickstarter campaign linked below.

Cory also has a hilarious blog (which my computer annoyingly wants to correct to “factory”) and can be found running on his hometown trails of Zion National Park.

Enjoy the show! Thanks for chatting Cory!



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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #77: Drake Kulick — Iowa Hawkeye Starting Fullback, Walk On to Game Winning TD

On this week’s show we are sharing the story of University of Iowa Hawkeye Fullback Drake Kulick.

In my opinion, Drake represents everything that I enjoy about Football: Hard work, embracing the journey and the speed bumps along the way, consistent improvement and the development of a leader.

His journey as a Hawkeye started as a walk-on and ended as a team leader a game winning touchdown.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

I really hope you enjoy this episode with Drake as much as I enjoyed recording it.  We wish him nothing but the absolute best as he steps out of the world of college football and into the intense process of getting on an NFL squad.  Good luck man!

If you guys enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out some of our previous guests on iTunes, Soundcloud, or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #66: Natalie Larson — Self Supported California Coastal Trail Fastest Known Time

In August Natalie Larson caught an Uber to the Mexican border and set out on the biggest adventure of her life.  44 days 18 hours 40 minutes and 1,171 miles later, she had traversed the entirety of the Californian coast.  Along the way she survived encounters with mountain lions, swam across rivers, and discovered the kindness of strangers.

Natalie’s journey really encapsulates all I respect and love about adventure.

Here’s a bit of the intro to her fantastic blog about the experience (link below):

I saw headlamps from afar that led me to water in the middle of the night. I found a woman’s purse complete with driver’s license, credit cards, sunglasses, from the 70s. I found my way out of a sandstorm on fifty-foot high dunes, scared away a mountain lion by screaming at the top of my lungs, climbed over slippery rocks, raced along the beach to beat the incoming tide, escaped the grasp of a farm worker who grabbed my arm, swam across a river carrying my gear on my head (twice), followed footprints when I couldn’t see through the beach mist at night, tripped, fell, and passed out from the pain along the highway. I dealt with poison oak, an infected blister, and glasses scratched by sandy high-speed winds. I slept under trees beside the road, on the beach, and in campgrounds where I shared food with the homeless. By San Francisco I had started to resemble a homeless person and the homeless recognized me as one of their own, asking me for gear tips and warning me that the police were “on the war path.”

Her story truly is AWESOME

I hope you guys enjoy the episode and feed off of the inspiration from Natalie to move forward on your own dreams!

Congratulations again Natalie.  You are an inspiration!  Keep being you and kick some ass on whatever your next big thing is!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #55: Ryan Chukuske — Bigfoot 200 Race Report, Writing the Upcoming “Bigfoot 200” Book

This week we are welcoming back Ryan Chukuske specifically to hear about his adventure racing the Bigfoot 200 out in Washington a couple weeks ago!

Ryan does a great job describing his race experience.  Everything from the hilarious bus ride to the starting line to sleeping in the sleep stations to the challenges of the actual course.  He also shares some strategies and tricks of the trade he observed from the other racers.

If you’re interested in racing a 200 mile endurance race, you DEFINITELY need to give this episode a listen!  Ryan really puts you into the race and will help you truly understand what you are getting yourself into.

If you are like me and simply confounded by the whole dang thing, also be sure to tune in! It really gives you the impression that anything is possible.

Hope you guys enjoy!  We will definitely chat with Ryan again as we approach the release of his book “Bigfoot 200: Because, You Know, Why the $%#@ Not?” which chronicles the event from the perspective of Ryan, a plethora of other racers, the course medic, and the race director!  It’s going to be an awesome read for all you endurance junkies out there!

More from Ryan Chukuske

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The Ultimate North Carolina and Virginia Roadtrip

Ok…enough with the sentimental “I’ll miss Virginia boo hoo boo hoo” posts.

My wife and I were on a  walk discussing where we would visit on a future return to the east coast.  This post is what we imagined would be the PERFECT 11 day roadtrip.

Seriously…I want people to actually do this trip and tell me how it goes!  I will be so envious.

After 3 years of exploration you can trust me that this trip would absolutely be one of your favorites of ALL TIME!

I’m calling it the Like a Bigfoot Ultimate North Carolina and Virginia Roadtrip.


Our favorite town in North Carolina (and quite possibly the country).  Good food, good beer, any outdoor activity you could possibly want, there’s always something going on but it still feels like a small town.

Drive south on the Blue Ridge Parkway (particularly as the leaves are changing color in October), hike up some high bluffs around Black Balsam Knob, cool off by jumping into your choice of waterfalls (Skinny Dip Falls is our favorite), grab a late morning breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe, tour one of the thirty craft breweries in town, pick up some tacos from White Duck Taco and drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to experience the highest mountain east of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell, for a gorgeous sunset picnic.  COME ON SON! PERFECT DAY!  (Huge smile on my face writing this!  Seriously this would be the absolute perfect day)

Black Balsam Knob

Sunrise off the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville


Spend the next few days backpacking around the Linville Gorge.  You will find solitude and adventure as you hike around the “Grand Canyon of the East”.  I ran Shortoff Mountain to Table Rock one day this summer and would highly suggest making a nice long 22 mile loop by traversing form there down into the gorge and hiking back along the Linville Gorge Trail next to the river!  You could probably do this in two days, but should extend it into three so you can take in the views, cool off in the river, boulder up a few of the rocks, and really experience all the Gorge has to offer.

Standing on top of Shortoff Mountain with Table Rock in the distance

Linville Gorge


Next I would drive north past Boone into Southern Virginia and spend a day and night backcountry camping in Grayson Highlands State Park.  Hang out with wild ponies (who doesn’t want to do this!), check out the Rhododendron blooms and take in some of the best views in all of the Appalachian Mountains.  The park is almost exclusively on balds (what Easterners call mountain tops without trees) so the views are jaw dropping.  This would be a great place to spend a night just chilling out by the campfire, eating snacks made with a mountain pie iron!

Wandering around Grayson Highlands

You can see for miles and miles



Next, you HAVE to drive the Crooked Road (Highway 58) through southwestern Virginia.  This is known as Virginia’s Musical Heritage and was significant in the history of Bluegrass music.  Here’s an awesome New York Times article about this drive.  Trust me though…gorgeous.  This is what the south is all about- Maple tree-covered mountains, hills dotted with grazing cattle next to tiny red barns, winding rivers, quaint churches…the drive is absolutely perfect, so take your time and take it all in.


Lovers Leap off of Highway 58


Eventually you will veer north to Roanoke where you are within hiking distance of two of the prettiest spots on the Appalachian trail.  Mcafee Knob is the most photographed spot on the 2,000 mile trail for a reason and, if you happen to get up there for a sunrise, get ready to experience nature at its best! Strap those hiking shoes on for a long day though…as a hike up and back Mcafee is 8 miles and Dragons tooth is at least 6 (Dragons Tooth is shorter but a lot more challenging as it is definitely a steeper and more rocky).  If you get down in time then head into Roanoke and get dinner at the River and Rail restaurant.  I’m adamant that it’s the best fried chicken in Virginia and I will arm wrestle anyone who disagrees!

Mcafee Knob



You can’t go to Virginia and not visit the most popular national park in the nation.  You can do more hiking along the Appalachian Trail and summiting Old Rag Mountain or you can choose to do what my family and I did every year….get a cabin and chill.  Hang out in the forest next to the twisty and turny Shenandoah River and simply relax with a cup of coffee for the perfect morning.

Cabin in Shenandoah = Perfect Day

Canoeing on the Shenandoah River


Ok this is pushing it and a trip here will easily be the longest drive on the trip, but, as an Iowa boy, I feel like traveling to a coastal state necessitates a visit the ocean.  So wake up early, drive 4-5 hours to the coast, and…this is super important…speed past the tourist trap that is Virginia Beach…as fast as possible!  In my estimation, if you want a beach then you gotta earn the beach!  People are not allowed to drive into False Cape State Park so you must earn it by backpacking in the 4 miles or by taking a boat.  This park is a rare place of isolation on the east coast, which means you will have about 6 miles of pristine beach to YOURSELF!  This has to be one of the only spots in the country where you can experience this, so a visit here is a MUST.  Relaxing by a campfire with a bottle of wine on an empty beach sounds like the perfect way to end a vacation to me!

A secluded beach is the best way to end a vacation

Hope you enjoyed this!  If you want more specifics about trails, campsites, restaurants, directions etc, you can always comment below or email me at and I’ll do my best to help you plan a trip!

As you can tell, my family and I have really enjoyed exploring this beautiful area of the country and writing this post has made me SUPER EXCITED to vacation here someday in the future(when my girls are a little older).   Can’t wait to come back!

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