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This week is all about long distance mountain biking as we chat with Scott Morris.  Scott and his girlfriend Eszter Horanyi live nomadically on public lands and spend their days working remotely and exploring beautiful areas on their mountain bikes.

Growing up in Utah he fell in love with mountain biking.  As his rides got longer and longer and he overcame the “limits of daylight”, he began “bikepacking”.

What in the world is bikepacking (besides a word that keeps trying to autocorrect….)???

Simple- It’s backpacking with a mountain bike…..or mountain biking with a backpack.

Essentially, you ride your mountain bike all day and then at night you throw out a sleeping bag and set up camp.  The next morning, you set back out down the trail on your bike.

Scott’s bikepacked the Continental Divide Trail (the parts he was allowed to), explored the “bikeable 14ers”, and started the first single track bikepacking event on the Arizona Trail, a journey from Mexico to Utah with a brief jaunt down and up some little geologic feature called the Grand Canyon.

In this episode we explore a bunch of different topics.  How did he get into this fringe sport, how did the AZT bikepacking race evolve, what life is like living nomadically from his camper van, how his GPS tracking software works (mentioned in episode #37 with Candice Burt), why public lands are so dang important, and which 14ers you can actually mountain bike up.

Oh yeah….we also have the same uncle but aren’t related.  How this math equation works is beyond my tiny brain…..  (My Uncle Joel Bown’s episode:

Enjoy guys! If one person out there listens to this episode and tries bikepacking I will count it as a victory!!

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