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Month: August 2017

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #56: Bruce Kittle — Living With Intention, Recognizing and Seizing Life’s “Open Windows”

Get ready for one of my favorite episodes so far!  I left this conversation literally fist pumping in excitement and reinvigorated for life!

Bruce Kittle is one of the most motivational, positive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He’s worn many different hats throughout his career- athlete, football coach, minister, lawyer- and, because he has experienced such variety, he is full of wisdom.

Bruce shares his “Open Windows” life philosophy and helps clarify how we all can recognize and seize the opportunities life throws at us.  We also discuss how he self reflects in order to live his life with integrity and in-line with his core values.

If you want to hear more, check out his awesome blog at, it truly is excellent writing.

Through athletics, coaching, and his general mission of positivity, Bruce is a positive role model I’ve always admired.  I’m so glad we reconnected and will always be grateful in the lessons he has taught me.  Hope you enjoy and learn some as well!

P.S.- If you enjoy Iowa Hawkeye Athletics, get this, in his college career Bruce played football for hall of fame coach Hayden Fry AND wrestled for the greatest wrestler of all time Dan Gable!!! No wonder he has so much knowledge to share!

P.P.S.- Bruce is also the father of a previous guest George Kittle.  Quick George Update- he kicked butt in the NFL combine, was picked in the 5th round by the San Francisco 49ers, and scored his first professional TD against the Broncos a few weeks ago.  Super proud of George and if you listened to that episode you would see how much his dad means to him.

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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #55: Ryan Chukuske — Bigfoot 200 Race Report, Writing the Upcoming “Bigfoot 200” Book

This week we are welcoming back Ryan Chukuske specifically to hear about his adventure racing the Bigfoot 200 out in Washington a couple weeks ago!

Ryan does a great job describing his race experience.  Everything from the hilarious bus ride to the starting line to sleeping in the sleep stations to the challenges of the actual course.  He also shares some strategies and tricks of the trade he observed from the other racers.

If you’re interested in racing a 200 mile endurance race, you DEFINITELY need to give this episode a listen!  Ryan really puts you into the race and will help you truly understand what you are getting yourself into.

If you are like me and simply confounded by the whole dang thing, also be sure to tune in! It really gives you the impression that anything is possible.

Hope you guys enjoy!  We will definitely chat with Ryan again as we approach the release of his book “Bigfoot 200: Because, You Know, Why the $%#@ Not?” which chronicles the event from the perspective of Ryan, a plethora of other racers, the course medic, and the race director!  It’s going to be an awesome read for all you endurance junkies out there!

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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #54: Lindsey Ward 2 –Running Her First Half Marathon, Summer Adventures

This week we welcome back my lovely wife Lindsey Ward to the show. She recently tackled a huge challenge when she signed up for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. Having never participated in an event over 7 miles before, finishing 13.1 is a huge reason to celebrate and I’m extremely proud of her!!

She also did it on minimal training in the middle of a crazy busy month and by overcoming possible strep throat.

Basically, her message today is best summed up by blatantly ripping off Nike…”JUST DO IT.” Sign up for something intimidating and go out, dig deep within yourself and find a way to get it done!!

Lindsey and I also share some thoughts on being active parents, tips on hiking with little ones, why you should schedule periodic adventures, along with a lot more.

Oh yeah, Lindsey fills us in on what she originally thought “goat yoga” was and it’s by far the funniest thing I’ve heard in months.

I’m so dang proud of Lindsey and want to thank her for the billions of things she does every single day for me and my daughters. Glad I can add “show our girls that you can accomplish giant challenges with just pure will and stubbornness” to the list!

Hope you guys enjoy! Keep pushing yourself and challenging your preconceived notions of what you are capable of. You rock!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #53: Adam Jones — How Starting a Running Store Led to So Much More

This week I’m excited to share a conversation with Adam Jones.  Adam is the owner of The Brick, a running store in downtown Danville, Virginia.  He and the store have become key in Danville residents rediscovering and reclaiming their fitness.  Through opening the store and organizing a variety of different meet-ups, clubs, challenges, and races, Adam really is essential in changing his community for the better and has helped lead many people to healthier, happier lives.

Seeing first hand the running community he’s been able to establish has been inspiring and, honestly, makes me hopeful for Danville, a town I really miss and think about often.

In this episode, Adam shares his story.  How did he discover his love of running?  Why did he start the business?  How did he handle making a leap of faith?  How does he approach the challenges of entrepreneurship?  What incredible stories has he witnessed through starting the store?  How does he nurture the running community in Danville and what events are he most proud of?

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did!  If you’re ever in southern Virginia be sure to head into Danville and check out the Brick, I promise you’ll be as impressed as me with what Adam has been able to do with it these previous 5 years!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #52: “Bigfoot Sightings 1”– Join 100 Club, Training for First 50k, Climbing First 14er

This week is a very special episode where we spend some time catching up with three previous guests in what we are dubbing the first edition of “BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS” (genius name by Lindsey Ward).


Up first is the one of the most inspiring people I know, Calvin Johannsen.  Since we last spoke at the end of his 14er Project (where he climbed over 100 mountains in 100 days), Cal has been focused on improving all sorts of lives with his “Join 100 Club” which is a daily commitment to a goal, a printable accountability chart to help you visualize your progress, and a devotion to CONSISTENCY and the longterm process of achievement.

Tune in to hear all the details about this FREE club, what is it, how to join, Calvin’s philosophies, etc.  The concepts he uses for success fall directly in line with this podcast and are VERY POWERFUL.

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Last time we spoke with Jason he was down 40 pounds and had just finished an awesome backpacking trip through the Linville Gorge.  Right after the podcast he informed me that he took a huge leap and had signed up for his first 50k.  This is a guy who had never ran more than 6 miles and was courageous enough to sign up for an ultra marathon!!

This week we catch up on his training progress and I share some tips and training strategies for his next two months of training.  If you’ve ever wanted to take on a HUGE challenge I would highly suggest checking out a trail 50k.  You can definitely do it!


A couple months ago we recorded an episode entitled “Guide to Climb Your First 14er.”  Sean was our “newbie” at the time and I’m happy to say that a couple weeks ago we successfully got to the top of one of these behemoths, Mt. Bierdstadt (14, 065ft).

Here we share the story of our adventure, what Sean thought of the hike, whether or not our “training hike” up Buffalo Mountain was harder, and the amazingness of meeting a mountain goat!


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