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Month: June 2014

Simple Ways to Make Exercise a Priority

Eliminate Excuses

If “workout” is on your to do list for the day, it has to get checked off.  Too often, we find ourselves making up reasons not to complete our goals.

“Something came up.”

“I had to ________________________ so I just could not find the time.”

“I’m just not in the mood.”

All these excuses sound exactly the same: “I don’t want to.”

​ Now is the time to put the excuses away.  Man-up or Woman-up and get your heart pumping. Continue reading

Quest for the Crest 10k


Ever ascended 3000ft in less than an hour?  I have and it sucks.

But it sucks in the “oh so awesome” way that extreme physical activity sucks.  The burn in every muscle in your body as your lungs try to take in as much air as you possibly can is what pushes us towards amazing experiences.  Without this feeling we would be lost in the complacency of our lives.  These adventures can snap us out of a boredom funk and spring us back into discovering the amazingness of this earth.

But damn do you feel beastly when you are huffing and puffing halfway up the mountain!

This is what is known as a “Sufferfest.” Continue reading

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