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Month: April 2018

Like a Bigfoot Podcast #91: Brad Dains — Booneville Backroads Ultra, Balancing Training with Dadmode

This week’s guest is ultrarunner, dad extraordinaire, beer lover, and Iowan Brad Dains.  Brad is a midwesterner spreading awesomeness by helping introduce Iowans to the joys of ultrarunning.

Specifically, we talk all about the Booneville Backyards Ultra, a race Brad co-directs.  Booneville is a special race near Des Moines that allows runners to explore the beauty of my home state Iowa.  It also is surprisingly challenging as the constant rolling hills and the extremely muddy “B Roads” suck the energy and motivation right out of you.  Look at the cover of this week’s episode or google B Roads to get an idea of how gnarly these things can get.

We also get into Brad’s training routine and how he balances running with raining 4 kids, his full time job, and coaching soccer.  He shares a couple EXCELLENT tips.  “Invisible training” where you train at such insanely early hours that your family hardly notices.  And his super intense midwestern elevation training, aka a stair workout where he throws on a heavy backpack and walks up and down his 11 stairs over six hundred times!

I hope you guys enjoy the episode.  Wanted to thank you all so much for supporting the show!! If you want to help us out, be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes.

Go get ’em this week!!



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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #90: Maudie Jordan — “RunFreeRunWild” Mindset and The Power of Resilience

This week’s episode is an extremely powerful example of the power of perseverance, gratitude, and a “learning how to suffer” mindset.

Maudie Jordan is a wonderful, incredibly positive, and completely badass mountain athlete from the Pacific Northwest.  She has completed multiple 100 milers, climbed numerous mountains, and spends her times exploring all sorts of wild areas.

In this episode, she shares the ups and downs of her journey, what it’s like to run a 100 miler with anemia, and how failure led her to personal growth and how she learned to embrace an adventurous life.

Most importantly she teaches us perseverance.  She set a goal to finish a 100 miler,  failed four separate times, quit running, rediscovered her love of trail running, and eventually accomplished her goal!  Her story is so incredibly inspiring and my hope is that we can all apply some of these lessons to our own lives.

This was one of my absolute favorite conversations! Maudie is well-spoken, hilarious, extremely positive, and authentic.  Enjoy!


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #89: Bigfoot Sightings 3 — Bigfoot 200 Book, 50k Adventures, Getting Ready for the PCT

This week we are catching back up with three of our previous Like a Bigfoot guests: Ryan Chukuske, Jason Sudduth, and Jennifer Mabus.

Ryan recently finished his Bigfoot 200 book “Bigfoot 200: Because, you know, why the **** not?” and is preparing it for publication.

Jason randomly called me last Friday and told me he’s camping in Hungry Mother State Park (actual name) and is running a trail marathon the next day.  He is also preparing for one of my favorite ultras ever, the Quest for the Crest 50k.

Jennifer is two days removed from beginning her hike of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail and is preparing her gear and her mind for the biggest adventure of her lifetime.


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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #88: Desert RATS Stage Race — What it is, How I’m Training

If you’ve listened to recent episodes, I’ve mentioned that I’m signed up for the Desert RATS stage race.  This big crazy 6 day run from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah this June.  Leading up to the event, a few episodes of the show will be devoted to helping me prepare for what will be the most difficult thing I’ve ever taken on.

On this week’s episode my friend and frequent Like a Bigfootian Brady Manriquez helps me do a deep dive on the event.

What is it? What hardships should I expect?  How freaking hot does the desert get in June?  And why does this one scare and excite me more than any other ultra?

Basically, Brady opens my eyes to everything I hadn’t really considered yet.  We talk training, equipment, race details, and a bunch more!

I’ve always said you should sign up for something that intimidates you.  Something just beyond your comfort zone that you yourself aren’t even sure is possible.  Using these big adventures as ways to expand your own belief in what you are capable of and all the possibilities available to you in this life.

I’m happy to be following my own advice on this one.

If you guys want to sing up for what is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime, check out the Gemini Adventures link below.  There you can find out all sorts of info about the Desert RATS and all their other ultra marathons.

Most importantly, I just sincerely wish you all find adventure wherever and whenever possible!  Have a great week!!


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