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Month: January 2014

Operation: Lose the Earbuds


Try this on your next trail run, jog through the park, or jaunt around the lake:


Run au natural.  Take the ear buds out.


I began jogging mainly to stay in shape for rugby season while in college.  During these beginning experiments with jogging I relied on my iPod.  It is the whole reason I was able to withstand the monotonous (and painful) three miles around an Iowa City neighborhood. I would throw on beats and tell myself “don’t think about how much your legs hurt or how trying to breathe right now is a challenge or how much this sucks!” 


The music helped. It numbed me.  It allowed me to think about anything other than “oh $#%#$#$ this %#$^# hurts like a son of a #@!#%!” Continue reading

Lessons from my First 50k

I ran my first 50k in Charlotte, NC in October. The WC-50 consisted of either a 50k or 50 mile run through the woods. Having never ran any distance over a marathon, I chose to participate in the 50k which required that the racers run three laps around an 11 mile single track mountain bike course.


I signed up for the race months previous and had been training really hard.  My goal was simple: finish the race.  Little did I realize all of the wisdom I would gain during those 6 and a half hours.  If you have never ran a race before, I don’t care if it’s an ultra, a half marathon, a 5k, an obstacle race, or a fun run, my advice to you is to sign up.  Get outside and get running.  The world always looks a little brighter afterwards and you always learn some valuable lessons. Continue reading

The Challenges of Altitude


Exercising at High Altitude, A.K.A. the bane of a Flatlander’s existence.

There’s something about being in the Rocky Mountains that I am utterly in love with.  I love the beautiful scenery, I love the fresh air, I love being able to see for miles and miles and, of course, I love all of the outdoor activities.

​ The one thing I don’t love: The altitude. Continue reading

About Me


Over the last few years I have been on a journey to find the perfect balance between getting outdoors and staying healthy. I am sick of treadmills, fluorescent lights, and the smell of gym mats.  I want a genuine real experience, something that will force me out of my comfort zone.

My wife and I moved to Virginia during the summer of 2013.  This move coincided with my falling in love with trail running.  Eventually I stopped calling it “trail running” and began telling my wife I was “leaving to run through the woods…like a bigfoot!”

After awhile I adapted “Like a Bigfoot” as my mantra.  I realized that to fully enjoy life I would need to go back to my caveman roots.

Therefore the purpose of this website is to promote chasing deer through the woods, throwing giant logs over your back, climbing big ass mountains and eating delicious healthy food!  It is for people who are tired of being comfortable and want to push themselves beyond their perceived boundaries

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