Routines can be good.  You can develop good routines, you can do those routines day in and day out and you will see a major benefit to your life.

But, every so often, it’s good to rock yourself out of your routine too.

You could go on a trip, try a new activity, wake up earlier, sleep in, meet someone new, eat something new.

Do something that shakes up your routine.

To me there’s no worse saying than “same shit, different day.”  When that line is belched out I have a physical reaction.  This person hates their routine.  But they have accepted it as the norm.  They are unwilling to change something that is making them miserable.  Have they just given up?  Do they not see the world for what it is: an opportunity to explore.

Routines are whatever you make them: good, bad, meh.  But be willing to break your routine every so often.  This allows you to experiment with it.  Maybe you discover that you need to drop a part of it, or maybe you need to add something to it?

Explore life!  This word is insanely beautiful and full of wonderful opportunities to experience this beauty.   Do not fall into the trap of “same shit, different day.”

Thanks for reading!

Happy Thursday!