What in the world would is it like to run 100 miles??  What about running for 24 hours nonstop?  How about running these crazy events and WINNING?

Today’s guest is Hammer Nutrition athlete and all around ultramarathon badass, Natalie Larson.  In 2015 she went on a spree of 100 milers, knocking off the distance NINE TIMES through various 100 milers and 24 hour endurance events.  She accomplished this feat all across the United States, from California all the way to Vermont, bonding with so many runners in the ultra community.

The more she competed the more her body adapted to the miles.  She became more athletic and faster with each event, began going out fast and finishing STRONG, and ended up winning quite a few (including a race where she placed first OVERALL beating both the men and women).

Outside of her own racing, she has checked off quite a few “ultra bucket list items”: finished the rim to rim to rim through the Grand Canyon, been a pacer at Western States and a crew member at Badwater.

In this episode I wanted to gain a better understanding of the 100 mile distance, pick Natalie’s brain about training, mindset, and mid-race nutrition, and simply geek out about ultrarunning.  My hope is that Natalie’s story will open your eyes to the possibilities of human potential and clarify the great benefits of pushing your limits.

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(NOTE:  Skype dropped a few times during our discussion, so there might be a few moments where I had to edit and the conversation skips.  It shouldn’t be too jarring!  The way I look at it this is just part of the learning process.  The obstacle is the way!!!)