Imagine running 200 miles (….hold on, let me say that again, TWO HUNDRED MILES) gaining and losing 35,117 feet of elevation as you circumnavigate one of the most beautiful environments in North America, Lake Tahoe.  Now imagine doing that in 90 hours with a total of 5 hours of sleep.  Can you picture the crazy hallucinations, foot pain, and severe exhaustion you would be experiencing?  How about traveling every painful step alongside your significant other??  How on earth would you endure?

Our guest this week is Melissa Ramba Sinclair and this is the fascinating story of how she and her husband Jon survived the Tahoe 200 ultra marathon last September.

For people who think 100 miles is not enough, the Tahoe 200 became the first of a new brand of ultra-races- the 200s.  The type of event awaiting a small group of badasses brave enough to step up to its challenge.  Seemingly a experiment of iron will to see if humans can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Completing a 200 appears to be a way to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can overcome ANYTHING life throws your way.

Melissa’s story is fascinating, intimidating, hilarious, brutal, inspiring, and is guaranteed to open your eyes to what we are capable of achieving if only we are driven, disciplined, and uplifted by the ones we love.

I’m inspired by the bond she shares with her husband.  By running ultra-endurance events together they have strengthened their relationship and have generated a better understanding of each other’s feelings, needs, and spirit.  Melissa makes a great case for “powering through difficult situations to nurture a stronger relationship.”

And they hallucinated…a lot.

Thank you so much Melissa for sharing such a unique experience and inspiring me to look for even greater challenges in the future!  Enjoy the show!

Please follow Melissa and Jon’s adventures on their blog “Ultra Mel and Jon” and if you’re brave enough to consider 2017’s Tahoe 200 you can find more info HERE.