“Keep On Keeping On”

Straightforward life advice but also extremely powerful.  Nothing can stop you if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and barreling forward towards your goals.

This week we proudly bring you the story of the non-profit organization Keep on Keeping whose intent is to “assist those living with physical disabilities and educating and empowering others to make a difference in their communities.”

To demonstrate the power of this mantra, Keep On Keeping On’s president, and all around awesome guy, Tim Wambach decided he would spend 40 days running 1,000 miles from Orlando, Florida to Chicago, Illinois…twice.

Throughout these two attempts it is fair to say that Tim faced major adversity.  Fatigue, blisters, rain, humidity, extreme heat (running in a Florida August and September will do that), blisters, decision fatigue, and did we mention…blisters???  And how he overcame these obstacles is nothing short of inspiring!

Along with the 40 day endurance challenge, in this episode Tim explains why and how he founded Keep On Keeping On and the formation of his two man show “Handicap This!”  He also talks about how befriending his speaking partner Mike Berkson, a funny and bright person living with cerebral palsy opened his eyes to the challenges faced by those living with severe disabilities.

Tim is a tremendous role model of why we should just jump right in when pursuing a goal and I was so honored to have him on the podcast to share his story.

To hear more from Tim or to support the cause, please check out his foundation at www.teamkoko.org, his speaking engagements at www.handicapthis.com, and his “Boss Free Society Podcast.”

Thanks again for listening!  Have a great holiday season and keep striving to make the world a better place!