Since we last spoke to Brady Manriquez (episode 1), he has lost 15 more pounds, overcame set-backs in the form of an emergency surgery, began pumping iron, and discovered the great form of exploration known as trail running.  All this in preparation for his very first race- a 14.5 miler in the absolute breath-taking Monument Valley smack dab in the middle of the Arizona/Utah desert.

In this episode we break down Brady’s pre-race plan along with my own (I’m running the 50 mile Monument Valley ultra the same day), wax poetically about everything we know about Monument Valley, discuss ways to really make the most out of a big destination race, the origin of the name “Like a Bigfoot”, and so much more!

While you are listening to Brady’s story, realize that a year ago he hadn’t even dreamt of running one mile, not to mention running 14.5, let alone running 14.5 in a desert trail half marathon!  His story is proof that you can accomplish whatever it is you want as long as you are consistently taking sustainable steps towards your goal.

Although he’s lost 75 pounds, his biggest benefit has been regaining strength, athleticism, and confidence.

The dude is a status quo crusher by every definition of the term!  Some would have continued down the path of “same old, same old”, but Brady decided to set off on his own path and rediscover the control he has over his own health and therefore his own life.  Thinking about that inspires me every SINGLE day.  He represents the epitome of the “Like a Bigfoot” mindset.


Enjoy this week’s episode!

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