About a month ago, Scott Stark and I ran the Mountain RATS 50k in Eagle, CO.  What started as a beautiful crisp fall morning transformed into a stormy downpour.  The second half of the race gut checked us and really tested our ability to withstand the discomfort of being cold, wet, fatigued, sore, and exhausted.

The craziest thing- it was Scott’s first ultra marathon (having only ran a half marathon previously) AND HE SIGNED UP 6 DAYS BEFORE THE RACE!

In this episode, Scott and I nerd about all things mountains, Colorado, and trail running before heading into our race report.   Scott was on a previous episode about “Climbing Your First 14er” in which he shared a lot of knowledge about mountain climbing, but we didn’t really get the chance to dig into his backstory.  So I’m pumped for you to get to know this awesome dude!

We cover a bunch of different topics in our chat: What skills do you need to take on the 50k distance?  How do you build grit, tenacity, and resilience to help you stubbornly push forward?  How does knowing how to ice skate help in six inches of muddy trails 20 miles into the race?

I’m pumped to share part two of this week’s “newbie 50k race reports.”  The goal is that YOU feel confident enough after these podcasts to take on your own big time challenges!


Previous episode “Guide to Climb Your First 14er”: https://soundcloud.com/chris-ward-126531464/42-guide-to-climb-your-first-14er-scott-stark-sean-furlong


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