This week we are welcoming Adam Casey back on the show.  If you have yet to listen to the first two episodes with Adam, I highly suggests going back and checking those out.  He’s a fascinating dude, a great story teller, and has been incredibly open about his life experiences.

Adam continues from where his story left off- discovering that he had a brutal form of cancer- stage four lymphoma and progressing from the diagnosis, to the treatment, to the aftermath, and eventually to this insane horse race he decided to take on through the wilderness of Mongolia.

The Mongol Derby…the longest and most difficult horse race in the entire world.  1,000km through the wild Mongolian Steppe retracing the Horse Messenger System put into place by Ghengis Khan.  Look up the event.  Riding semi-wild horses across an untamed wilderness for miles and miles and miles.

Forgot to mention that when he signed up, Adam didn’t know anything about riding horses.  That’s the kind of person he is.  The never back down from a challenge, step up to the plate kind of dude.

Stoic, Driven, Self Reflective.  Just an incredible human being.

As per usual, Adam and I recorded this episode after a beautiful 10 mile trail run around Eldorado Canyon State Park and I’m extremely grateful for being able to listen to and share his story.  Hope you guys are as inspired as I am after listening to him.


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