This week we welcome back professor Jake Reed to chat all things Sports Science, Endurance Racing, and Optimum Performance!

Jake has a Ph D. in Sport Performance and is a professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Northern Iowa. He just recently finished training for and running his very first 50k ultra marathon and is also one of my absolute favorite people on the planet!

In this episode we cover a variety of topics.  Jake shares what drove him to take on a 50k, why data shows a decrease in major athletic categories after men hit age 25, how to ramp up your training in a safe and efficient way, and he even analyzes Ric Flair’s deadlift form.  We also discuss the main areas of growth someone should focus on when training for an ultra endurance event- slow, steady, aerobic most of the time with a bit of pushing your lactate threshold here and there.  How to keep your joints healthy when adding extra miles and whether or not a foam roller is worth your time.

Hope you guys enjoy the show. I always learn so much from Jake and I hope you guys do too!


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