In a trip unlike any that has come before, twin brothers Casey and Ryan prone paddled 18′ boards from the coast of Alaska all the way down to Mexico. It is an endurance feat that is nearly impossible to imagine.  Day in day out, 2,200 brutal miles of paddling,  with no support for months and months.  In their pursuit of adventure they braved the ferocity of Mother Nature- freezing cold temps, powerful gusts of wind and board-breaking waves.  Eventually facing down great white sharks and the ever present brotherly rivalry, the Higginbotham boys accomplished the inconceivable journey of a lifetime.
We’ve featured many adventures, both big and small, on this podcast. The “By Hand Project” has got to be the most grand in its scale and unthinkable in its scope.  Ryan and Casey’s accomplishment pushes the boundaries of what is possible and teaches us to expand our own possibilities by intentionally seeking out our own grand quests.
Their’s is an epic adventure story in all sense of the word.
I truly hope you love this episode as much as I do!  Going into it I was already stunned by what these two had accomplished and leaving the conversation I was truly moved to experience this world and all of its adventures on a whole new level.
I think this quote from their website describes the epicness perfectly: “The brothers carried nothing more than two dry bags of gear each and a camera. No support boats, no paddles, and nothing similar to gauge from. Nothing like this has ever been done. “
Please support the brothers’ documentary “By Hand, the Film” on Kickstarter.  I promise you it will be one of the most unique and incredible adventure film you will see all year.
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