(Cover Photo by Randy Ericksen)

This week on the show we are reconnecting with public speaker, coach, ultra runner, and creator of Right to Shine Jayson Sime.

We last spoke with Jayson on Episode #85 about Brendan Leonard’s fantastic short film “How to Run 100 Miles”, one of the best ultra running films out there and the story of Jayson and Brendan’s very first 100 miler.

This time we are chatting about his second 100 mile attempt at the Black Hills 100.  I think you can discern from this episode’s title that the race didn’t quite go as planned, resulting in a DNF after 82.5 tough miles.

In this episode, Jayson shares the lessons he learned from that experience as it applies to both ultra running and everyday life.  We also chat about how to rebound from, process, and grow from a DNF.

As a public speaker, author and coach Jayson uses his optimism and his energy to help people reach for their full potential.  Please check out his website www.righttoshine.com for more info and some awesome personal growth articles!

Hope you all enjoy the show!!


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