A goal of mine has always been to encourage people to take on an adventure, whether that’s signing up for an ultra marathon, climbing a mountain, or simply stepping outside their comfort zone.  More specifically I always joke that the secret intent of the podcast is to get people to sign up for their first 50k, the ultra distance that I believe is the perfect intro to adventure.  Well I’m happy to say that recently I convinced (peer pressured) 4 of my friends to register for their very first 50k!

In May, we will be taking on the Booneville Backroads Ultra, a fantastic race through the country roads south of Des Moines, Iowa.  This episode is all about “what in the world did we get ourselves into?”  We chat with all four of these gentlemen about their goals, expectations, and what they hope to gain by pushing themselves way outside their comfort zones!

All of these guys have been on the show before and huge thanks to each and every one of them for sharing their perspectives.  Matt Rackers, Sean Furlong, Thad Burkamper and Brady Manriquez, I truly cannot wait for May!


Website: http://boonevillebackroadsultra.com

Ultrasignup: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=72917

“Reach for the Stars” Documentary: https://www.expandyourpossible.com/online-store/Reach-for-the-Stars-The-Booneville-Backroads-Ultra-Marathon-Digital-%26-Streaming-p139527512


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