This week we are chatting with Angus Peacock, the executive director of Rugby Colorado, lifelong rugby player, and Gobi March Stage Race finisher.

Angus was a high level international rugby player who became coach of the Shanghai rugby squad before moving to Colorado where he is setting up a foundation for the sport in America.  He also competed in the 2010 Gobi March, a weeklong ultraendurance stage race across China.

Our conversation touches on many important topics: What was his rugby journey like and how did he grow along the way?  What is it about Rugby that promotes so much passion in people?  How did he transform a team composed of multiple cultures and languages into champions?  What can we do to get more people to connect to it in America?  What did he discover through pushing himself, untrained, through the desert?  How did the camp respond to a tragic death during the race?

Those are our topics today- Rugby and Ultrarunning.  Two of my absolute favorite things in the world! This is a great one!! I cannot wait for you to listen!


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