While some take the path of least resistance, the easiest one laying before them, Jake Allison chose the path of passion, committing most of his time to the blood, sweat and tears necessary to pursue his dream.

Jake and I went to high school together in Muscatine, Iowa.  In high school he decided to pursue his dream to become a dancer.  Leaving behind what was comfortable, Jake set out to see how far he could make it in the extremely competitive world and challenging world of ballet.

I absolutely love his story as it illustrates the passion and enthusiasm our ambitions drive us towards and the guts it takes to step outside the norm to chase something you truly love.  I’ve always been inspired by Jake’s assertiveness and was extremely excited to hear the journey he took after we parted ways in high school.

Ballet sounds incredibly difficult and I’m astounded by the skill needed to master it.  We also chat a bit about Jake’s recent journey into competitive cycling and how that has coincided with his move to Northern Ireland.

Hope you guys enjoy the show!!


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