Three days ago 19 year old Darius Sam pushed through anguish, adversity and 100 plus miles of PURE GRIT.

His story is quite remarkable.  After years of struggle, one day Darius looked himself in the mirror and realized just how much potential he was wasting.  He pulled himself together, started waking up at 3am to work and powerlift and decided to complete an ironman on minimal training.  Once that was accomplished he was determined to really see how far he could push his limits so he set his sights on taking on 100 miles.

Around the same time of his self betterment, Darius realized just how people in his community were struggling.  Really wanting to prove to himself that “one person can make a huge difference” he decided that he would use the experience of suffering through an ultra marathon to raise money for the local food bank.  So he set a goal of $1,000.  Through the last week and through all the ups and downs of his run, that number has exploded!!

We are releasing this episode early in the week in hopes that we can contribute in some way to Darius’s GoFundMe for the Nicola Valley Food Bank (link below).  Also I wanted to put the show out there just because I’m so damn impressed by Darius and his determination!  Please help him out if you can.

The story of his hundred is absolutely EPIC, including major support from his family and his community, a trip to the hospital, a quick checkout of the hospital and a person completely going to war in the pain cave!

Hope you guys enjoy the story as much as I did!!!



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