(Photo Credit: Nate Ptacek)

Happy 2021!! Here’s to a blank slate full of possibilities, happiness, and all the awesome goals we’ve set!

I am very honored to chat with National Geographic’s 2014 Adventurer’s of the Year, environmentalists, explorers, and educators Dave and Amy Freeman!

“Since 2001 they have traveled over 30,000 miles by kayak, canoe, and dogsled through some of the world’s wildest places, from the Amazon to the Arctic.” In 2015 they spent the entire year living in and exploring the Boundary Waters in Minnesota by canoe and dogsled to help raise awareness of this beautifully pristine and protect it from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining. You can read all about their experience in their book “A Year in the Wilderness”.

In this episode we chat all about their adventure in the boundary waters along with their North American Odyssey, a 3 year quest that took them from the west coast all the way to Alaska and then across the continent down to Florida. We also chat a bit about canoeing in the Amazon and how it compares to paddling through the Arctic.

This is a really awesome episode to start the year and I am extremely grateful for both Dave and Amy for sitting down and sharing some adventure stories with us!! Let’s have a great year!!


Website: https://freemanexplore.com

Book: https://freemanexplore.com/product-category/a-year-in-the-wilderness-book/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freemanexplore/

National Geographic Article: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/activities/paddling/dave-and-amy-freeman-finish-year-in-the-wilderness-/


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