What is it like to run across the ENTIRETY of the Sahara Desert, the Atacama, the Gobi, to the South Pole, across frozen wastelands in the Yukon and Siberia?? What drives someone to take on major, life changing adventures and expeditions? And what would one discover about theirselves, their mind, and the vast world around them?

I am honored and excited to share this week’s episode with world traveler, ultrarunner, fellow father, and all around incredibly nice guy Ray Zahab!!

Ray has been on my “dream guest list” since the very beginning of this podcast. I am blown away by the expeditions he has taken on and, as a teacher, respect what he has created with his organization “Impossible2Possible” which brings young people all around the globe along for the expeditions both by sharing real life experience in classrooms and giving opportunities for kids to take on these expeditions alongside him.

This is a fantastic episode that reminds all of us to make our “impossibles” possible by following our passions and opening our eyes to the wider world around us!!

Please support Ray’s organizations and follow along for all of his future adventures. I cannot wait to chat with him again!!


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