This week I am chatting with Jason Green, someone I’ve been wanting to have on the show since the very beginning!!

Jason is an adventurer, ultrarunner, genuinely nice human being and a dude who truly seeks the joy in life. He is also the race director for the Yeti Trail Runners which puts on some of the best races on the East Coast. He has forged a trail running community that is positive, uplifting, and always down for a good time while roaming around the woods!

Through 2020 he was also responsible for a lot of really unique and inventive virtual races and helped inspire people to accomplish huge personal goals!

In this episode, cohost Phil Pinti and I dive into what makes Jason Green unique- how he ran an ultra on the Appalachian Trail as a kid, how the Yeti Trail Runner events are an amalgamation of his fun-loving personality and previous life as a skater, and what he discovers about himself from utilizing a beginner’s mindset!

I hope you enjoy the episode! Jason is one of a kind and I am truly honored for the opportunity to be able to sit down and chat with him! Now I just need to head back to the East Coast to experience one of his amazing races!


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