Wake up, meditate for a few minutes, and then write down three things that you are grateful for to start the day.

It literally takes 3 minutes.  It’s easy to do.  Sometimes I do it in the time it takes to cook my oatmeal.

I started keeping a gratitude journal on January 1st and it has become a habit.

The purpose is to fine tune the brain muscle that looks for ALL the good things around you.  Every single day you are surrounded by positive beautiful interactions, moments that will bring a smile to your face. These moments are easy to miss, but if you are capable of being perceptive to them your life will improve.

The gratitude journal acts as a simple reminder that I am surrounded by wonderful beautiful people, places, blessings, moments EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If I tune into that STORY than I become a more positive happy person.

Don’t fall down the path of constantly tuning into the “life is hard” STORY.  Life is not as stressful and “horrible” as your narrative can make it sometime seem.

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