Yesterday I ran the Holiday Lake 50k- a notorious “easy” 50k in Appomattox Virginia (where the Civil War ended).  It’s labeled as “easy” solely based on the very little elevation gain- it is flat flat FLAT.  Personally, I thought that made it harder.  I’m used to hills and I love climbs in trail races because it gives me an excuse to walk (power hike).  Power hiking in an ultra gives you a chance to rest your running muscles for a little bit which helps you save your leg muscles from the pain-in-the-ass (literally) soreness.  Power hiking is wonderful.  If you have the fortitude, it also gives you an opportunity to man-up and pass people on the uphills.

Needless to say, this race had very FEW uphills.  This time there were maybe two or three that took less than a minute to ascend.  That means the rest of the time you were running…nonstop.  No breaks, no walking, just repeatedly pounding your legs repeatedly for 31 miles! Continue reading