Like a Bigfoot

This week’s guest is ultrarunner, dad extraordinaire, beer lover, and Iowan Brad Dains.  Brad is a midwesterner spreading awesomeness by helping introduce Iowans to the joys of ultrarunning.

Specifically, we talk all about the Booneville Backyards Ultra, a race Brad co-directs.  Booneville is a special race near Des Moines that allows runners to explore the beauty of my home state Iowa.  It also is surprisingly challenging as the constant rolling hills and the extremely muddy “B Roads” suck the energy and motivation right out of you.  Look at the cover of this week’s episode or google B Roads to get an idea of how gnarly these things can get.

We also get into Brad’s training routine and how he balances running with raining 4 kids, his full time job, and coaching soccer.  He shares a couple EXCELLENT tips.  “Invisible training” where you train at such insanely early hours that your family hardly notices.  And his super intense midwestern elevation training, aka a stair workout where he throws on a heavy backpack and walks up and down his 11 stairs over six hundred times!

I hope you guys enjoy the episode.  Wanted to thank you all so much for supporting the show!! If you want to help us out, be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes.

Go get ’em this week!!



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