Like a Bigfoot

Recently I feel as if I’ve been complacent.

Going through the motions.  Like I’ve been doing just enough to get by.

I’ll do the same old workout in the gym.  Run the same old routes at the same old pace.  Do the same old yoga videos.

Start my morning the same exact way.

Go on this blog and post some lackluster post.  Giving it about 10% of my effort.


That’s unacceptable.  I hold myself to a higher standard.

I need to follow my own advice and stop riding this wave of momentum.  So I’m going to intentionally steer my ship in the direction I want it to be on.


Step one: Find something to train for.  Check!  I now have two months to train for a 50k in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Nutrition, strength training, endurance, and recovery all have a new goal to focus on.

Step two: Change my morning routine.  Wake up and do something PRODUCTIVE.  Meditate, gentle yoga, go to the gym, write, work on a project….anything besides sitting down and eating my breakfast in front of the TV and checking Facebook.

Step three:  In fact, check social media only once a day.  What the hell am I missing by doing this?? Absolutely nothing.  Recently I’ve been telling myself that I’m only getting on to see updates of the 14ersproject anyways.

Step four:  Find time to sit in quiet with my thoughts.  I don’t need to be constantly entertained all day with noise.  If I can do this then I will begin to organize my goals and begin to move forward on them.


I’m going to start with these four steps and see where it takes me.

Good luck to you on your journey!