Like a Bigfoot

Yesterday I fell out of routine.  Instead of writing after waking up, I plopped down on the couch to watch an episode of Daredevil (when you are a parent of a 2 year old, you have to watch ‘your’ shows whenever you can).  The episode was awesome (Punisher!!!), but I felt guilty.  Instead of moving forward with my writing goal, I felt as if I took a few steps backwards.

This has happened before (‘cough cough’ didn’t write for a whole year).  I know that falling out of routine for one or two days can lead to completely abandoning goals (‘cough cough’ why I get inspired to play guitar for one month and then don’t pick up the guitar for the rest of the year).  This time I am adamant that I will not let that happen.

The way I see it when you fall out of routine there will be two routes you can take.

  • Route 1: Completely abandon your routine, goals, etc.
  • Route 2: Get back on the path to accomplishing your goals.

That’s it.

Those are the only options.  Simple.

You take one step back?  That’s okay, just take another step forward.

You take 20 steps back?  That’s okay, just take a step forward.

Don’t let one misstep lead to complete abandonment of your goals.

That’s why I’m back in front of my computer writing at 5:20am instead of watching TV.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!