Like a Bigfoot

I just wrote a long post about consistency and my failure at writing a blog every day.  Then I tried to post it and it was deleted.  Desperately I scrambled to look if wordpress saved it only to find that, of course, it did not.

(EXPLETIVE) (EXPLETIVE) (EXPLETIVE)  was my first thought.

This has happened before.  In fact it was one of the excuses I used in not writing for a whole freakin year!

I’ve learned a lot since then so I will not use one tiny obstacle as an excuse.  So I’m writing this immediately after the last one was deleted (and saving it this time….fool me once…)


They pop up all the time.  Mostly when we least expect them.  In fact, unexpected obstacles are the worst type.  They can be damaging.  They have the potential to send us spiraling out of control.  Our routines might totally be thrown off or our goals might be put on the backburner.

Obstacles are bad.

….If you perceive them that way.

You can also look at obstacles as stepping stones or THE WAY.  This perspective has come to term with the fact that obstacles WILL HAPPEN and do in fact happen all the time.  Obstacles are EXPECTED AND EMBRACED.  They can be viewed as a good thing.  Maybe they cause you to find a more creative solution to a problem or make you more conscious in your preparations.

It’s all about perspective.

So today I’m looking at retyping this blog as a good thing.  In fact, the ideas flowed a heck of a lot easier the second time.  I’m going to embrace the small inconvenience and use it to make me better!

…and this time I’m going to save it before I post!

(Read The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday for an entire book about this idea)