Like a Bigfoot
This week’s guest is ultrarunner, race director and fellow “dude from Iowa who moved to Colorado” Don Reichelt.
Over the last few years Don has really pushed his limits in the ultrarunning world. Through his experiences in various 100 mile races, he learned, developed and adapted into the fantastic (and fast!!) runner he is today.
All in preparation for his biggest challenge yet- Big’s Backyard Ultra- a sadistic race in Tennessee that has redefined the phrase “battle of wills”.  In this event, runners must complete a 4.1 mile loop every hour until their is only one person left standing (or limping, or stumbling).  It’s truly a battle of self as every person but one chooses to pull their self out as hours turn into days.
It’s a race for a person trying to find their limits, which is exactly what Don is trying to do.
In this episode we chat about his journey.  How and why he took in Leadman as a relatively inexperienced ultrarunner, what led him to his third place finish at last year’s brutally hot Badwater, and his training plan for his upcoming Big’s Backyard Ultra.
Hope you guys enjoy the show!  I really loved hanging with Don and am honored he shared his stories with us!