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Like a Bigfoot Podcast #1: Brady Manriquez

Like a Bigfoot

Episode #1: Rediscovering health and the art of sustainability.  

For the last 9 months, one of my best friends, Brady Manriquez has been on a quest to become a healthier, more active version of himself. By using a focus on SUSTAINABILITY he has been able to drop 60 pounds, find a passion for running, and benefit in all areas of life from his new found self confidence. Listen in for advice about how taking it day by day and celebrating the little victories can help you in the pursuit of your own goals!

Also, how did Whoopi Goldberg guide him down the path of self improvement? (My favorite inside joke is attempted to be explained at the end)

So I’m starting to embrace some of my life philosophies in ALL areas of my life.  For example, being comfortable with discomfort.  I’ve wanted to start a podcast for YEARS now.  It has always been a goal of mine to become comfortable talking to people who inspire me (whether I personally know them or not)  In fact I had previously started one and made it two whole episodes before being overcome with self doubt…  Thinking I wasn’t good enough literally stopped me from simply pursuing a goal.

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment or “once I this finally happens, then I can….” I decided just to jump in feet first.

Is this perfect? Heck no!

Am I great interviewer?  Not yet.

Do I know what I’m doing all the time? Nope.

But you can’t wait around expecting those things to happen to you when you are not willing to put in the work!  Your goals don’t just magically get accomplished without you consistently putting in the effort.

So here I am, putting in the work.  Being comfortable with releasing something that is finished not perfect.  

I listen to a lot of professionally produced podcasts which is probably one of the reasons why I held off on this project for so long.  I hold myself to a high standard.  I can be extremely self critical.  It’s as if I believe “if my podcast isn’t as good as a professional one, there’s no point of releasing it.”  This belief can, has, and will hold me back.  So this podcast is helping me work on letting go of this disruptive thinking.

You won’t be an expert at anything on your first attempt.  Instead its the magic of repetition- the act of showing up consistently- that will propel you towards a higher level.

If you don’t understand this at the start of pursuing your dreams, then you will never take that terrifying first step. So today’s episode represents my terrifying first step.  

And then here’s the second principle to goal achievement: BEING CONSISTENT.

My lofty goal is to release one episode a week for the entire year.  Putting in the work and shipping a new episode every Monday. 

So here we have arrived at step one.  It might not be pretty (although I think it went pretty well and Brady, as always, is fascinating, inspirational, funny, and FANTASTIC), it might not be perfect, but it’s finished and it’s shipped.  I’ll evaluate what worked this week and apply it to next week.  I’ll do that over and over and over again and see where I end up.  

That hard, painful, embarrassing work, my friends, is the ONLY path to true success.

Hope you enjoy and that you start down the scary path of pursuing your goals!


  1. Awesome Chris. Loved the reference to our middle school students. They can be scary indeed!!

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