Like a Bigfoot

This week I get the opportunity to talk with sports writer, runner, and even more awesome human being Amy Donaldson Brass!

I met Amy during the Desert RATS stage race and although we intended to record a brief 20 minute recap for episode #101 (which was an episode you guys should totally check it out!), she was so open, honest, and raw about her mindset and self-discoveries through the event that we ended up chatting for an hour and a half!!

This episode is for everyone out there who is pushing themselves to see what they truly could accomplish.  What stories are we telling ourselves about our abilities? Could we set higher expectations for ourselves?  What kind of adventures could we have by taking on something completely out of our league? If we don’t hold ourselves to a higher standard how can we ever achieve to our highest abilities?

These are the questions that one faces in the desert while running multiple ultra marathons day after day.

Throughout her unforgettable adventure, Amy and her sister Mikey faced ups and downs with the tenacity and love that only family members could possibly share.  This was one of my favorite episodes of the podcast! The story of their race is unforgettable and the lessons I learned from listening to Amy are ones I will never forget.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode! The next one will be the final reports and wrap up from the Desert RATS Stage Race featuring other wonderful athletes and staff members.  See you then!



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