Like a Bigfoot

On this week’s episode of the show, I sat down and had a wonderful talking to one of the most influential people in my life, my dad Randy Ward.

We chat about a wide variety of topics but mostly focus on how his experiences growing up in a small southern Iowan town influenced his love for nature and the outdoors.  We also share stories from our father/son trip to Vanuatu, a small chain of islands in the South Pacific where my grandpa served during World War II.  This includes our leaky kayak ocean adventures and when we canyoneered, climbed, and swam our way back into a cave deep in the jungle. (Spoiler ALERT: It was the time I most felt like Indiana Jones!)  Lastly, he tells stories from rafting the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area- one of the wildest places in the U.S.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode!  It was really important for me to understand how and why I developed a love for adventure and exploring the outdoors.  I’ve realized it’s all about the opportunities my parents gave me when I was younger.  I had plenty of moments when they would send me out of the house for time spent aimlessly wondering the woods.  I didn’t always love it in the moment, but that opportunity is what engrained my core values.

So go out and help give other people opportunities for experiences they might absolutely fall in love with!


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