Like a Bigfoot
This week’s show is with the awesome Greg Mchale!
Greg is an adventure athlete, endurance racer and hosts a phenomenal hunting show on Sportsman Channel called “Greg Mchale’s Wild Yukon.  His goal is that by being a conduit between outdoor adventure athletes and the hunting world, he can inspire the love of the outdoors and conservation.
In this episode we talk about numerous adventures he has had in one of the wildest places on Earth, the Yukon!  We also discuss how his show is a culmination of all of his various outdoor passions throughout the years, what it’s like to fly prop planes, his experiences as a high level adventure racer, how to survive a 300+ mile run through the Yukon in winter, and much more!
I really enjoyed chatting with Greg for this week’s show and really hope you check out “Greg Mchale’s Wild Yukon”.  This show is an excellent display of the vast wilderness of Northwestern Canada and really will inspire you to get outside and start exploring.
This week’s conversation inspired me to share my feelings on adventure which you can find at the very end of the show.  Adventure has brought so much joy, passion, self discovery to my life that I really hope you guys are finding the same in yours!
“Greg Mchale’s Wild Yukon” Website: