Like a Bigfoot

This week we welcome back ultra runner and author of “Bigfoot 200: Because, You Know, Why the #@&% Not?” Ryan Chukuske.

Two years ago Ryan trained incredibly hard for the Bigfoot 200- sleep deprivation training, exhaustion training, spending hours and hours on his feet- only to be forced to DNF due to his foot being absolutely demolished by gangrene.

Instead of giving up on his dream, Ryan has become 200 obsessed.  Now not only is he training for revenge on the Bigfoot but he’s going after the coveted “Triple Crown of 200s”- all of Destination Trails’ events in one calendar year- starting with Bigfoot, then Tahoe, and finishing with the Moab 240.  He’s about to have a racing season to remember!!

In this episode we talk about how he’s training differently than before, why building leg strength is so important for the Bigfoot 200, how he balances dad-mode with athlete-mode, and what he is anticipating from Tahoe and Moab.  Ryan also shares what he’s learned from the 200 community- from people he’s interviewed, racers he has watched and from his experience as an Aid Station volunteer during last year’s race.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode! I always love chatting with Ryan.  Check below for a link to his book!

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