Like a Bigfoot

7,000 miles. 8 countries. 4 friends. 1 dream.

Document the importance of soccer through the lens of a variety of Latin America.

This is American Futbol.  A documentary film that was a journey of a lifetime for my friend, and all around great guy, Petar Madjarac.

These filmmakers took a pause on life to chase a dream, an idea they had thought up years ago.  With an extreme passion for soccer and a yearning for adventure, they left behind perfectly good jobs to travel from southern California through many Latin American countries on a quest to Brazil and the 2014 World Cup.

Along the way they captured the spirit of each country through the eyes of soccer.

In this episode Petar shares stories and insights from the journey, guidance for all of us pursuing a goal, his thoughts on the soccer culture in the United States, the nitty gritty day to day details in filming a travel documentary, and how following a whim can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Petar is the kind of person who I look up to; the kind who boldly claims he’s going to do something and then actually does it!  He’s also genuinely one of the nicest guys I know and is the type of person who you meet and instantly realize “I’m gonna be friends with this dude.”

So thank you so much to Petar Madjarac and the rest of the American Futbol crew for aspiring to chase a dream, inspiring all of us to seek out adventure in our own lives, and for bringing cultures together through the love of sport.

You can check out all of their segments on KICKTV and follow their post-documentary experiences on the American Futbol website and Facebook page.

Below are a few fantastic episodes of their series.  Be sure to check them all out!!

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