Like a Bigfoot

This week we are chatting with ultra runner Erica Rackley fresh off of running 100 miles through the mountains!

For the past few months Erica has put in hours and hours of work training for her first 100 miler and a few weeks ago she crossed the finish line of the High Lonesome 100 out here in Colorado.  In this episode, we chat all about what led her to toeing the start line of such an epic event, the adventures (and misadventures) she had throughout the race, and her thoughts and reflections throughout the days following.

Erica chats openly about how she felt about her performance in the race.  It’s an interesting dynamic- how do you navigate feeling like you accomplished something huge while also feeling like you didn’t perform as well as you expected. Erica does a great job explaining her perspective and I really found it interesting to discuss.

If you are ever. visiting Summit County, Colorado, Erica is in charge of organizing the trail running trips for the Colorado Adventure Guides.  Be sure to check them out!! She’ll take you on some incredibly beautiful trails away from the crowds as she designs routes custom made for you and your trip!  Find more info here:

Thanks for listening!!! I really learned a lot from this episode and hope you find some great takeaways from Erica’s story!

(Cover photo by: Mile 90 Photography)


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