Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m very excited to sit down and chat with former Iowa Hawkeye and Philadelphia Eagle offensive Lineman Julian Vandervelde!

Julian has had quite the athletic journey.  Finding success at a young age in the little league world series through becoming a four year football starter at the University of Iowa to becoming a 5th round draft pick in the NFL to throwing heavy stuff while wearing a kilt at the Highland Games.

Jumping head first into each sport with a “Blank Slate” mindset, he has discovered lessons he’s carried over into all aspects of his life.

In this episode, Julian shares tales from his journey.  What the offensive line mentality is and what it takes to play at such a high level and how he’s transitioned that mindset into his post-NFL life.

One of my favorite stories in the show was when he describes football from the perspective of a lineman- how he used visualization and preparation to be successful throughout his career.   This viewpoint is such an awesome part of football most people do not recognize or consider so it was really fun, as an ex-lineman myself, to shine a light on tales from the linemen trenches!  We also chat about what led him to the Highland Games, an event that can only be described as people throwing super heavy things like telephone poles, weights on chains and hammers all while rocking kilts at various Scottish festivals.

Julian is an awesome person who is incredibly smart and kind.  I want to thank him for sharing his time with us for the show!

Hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as I did!!



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