Like a Bigfoot

This week we welcome back ultrarunner, filmmaker and host of the excellent “Training for Ultra” podcast Rob Steger.

Rob is fresh off of completing the Triple Crown of 200s, a race series that consists of all three of Destination Trail’s gigantic 200 mile adventures.  In the past three months he has ventured over miles and miles, battled extreme obstacles and experienced an adventure of a lifetime all on a quest of self discovery and to raise money for Pediatric Cancer research for a friend’s daughter Celia who is battling Histiocytosis (FIND OUT HOW TO SUPPORT IN THE LINKS BELOW!).

In this episode we hear about the highs and lows of his three races- Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, and Moab 240.  Everything from showing up late to missing the beginning of Tahoe to hammering his fastest mile over 200 miles into Moab to getting hypothermia deep in the woods of Tahoe and so much more!

Our episode is mostly the highlights of his adventures.  If you want more from Rob, you can listen to his full race recaps on his Training for Ultra Podcast and please stay tuned for the upcoming Training for Ultra show on Amazon that will highlight his 200 mile adventures!

Hope you guys enjoy the show! Always a blast chatting with Rob!

(Cover Photo from Ryan Clayton)


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