Like a Bigfoot

I’m super excited to have ultra runner, adventurer, and all around awesome person Kayla Howell back on the show this week!

When I think of someone who loves the outdoors and is up for any adventure life brings her way, I think of Kayla.  She’s competed in all sorts of different endurance events all over the country and always steps up to any challenge with a tremendous attitude.

In this episode we dive into her adventurous life starting when she was a kid all the way through various endurance sports she has competed in.  We spend a lot of time chatting about her experiences adventure racing across Florida and Georgia, what it’s like to work with a high level adventure racing team and how she keeps a positive attitude in the midst of some seriously stressful, tiring moments.  She also shares stories from the Little 500 bike race in Indiana, taking on her first Ironman triathlon and climbing her first 14er!

Kayla is awesome and I really hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did!




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