Like a Bigfoot

Imagine spending two whole days physically, mentally and emotionally pushing yourself to your absolute limits.  Traveling over 80 miles full of insanely difficult physical challenges while carrying a heavy ruck all under the critical eye of a cadre member whose job it is to get the absolute best out of you and make you resist, with every part of your soul, the urge to quit.

GORUCK Selection is known as one of the toughest endurance events in the world.  Less than 2% of people who are wild enough to sign up will successfully finish.  To put that in other words, it takes an incredibly tough person just to sign up and a whole other person to actually complete the whole thing!

Today I’m super honored to be able to talk to one of this year’s finisher.  Mark Jones has been a highly competitive ultra obstacle course racer for years.  He knows all about breaking through barriers and pushing his limits, but most of all he knows how to endure.  After trying and failing at Selection multiple times, Mark took a break, came back, and triumphed.

In this episode we chat all about his mindset and the lessons he has learned about himself by taking on these events.  Specifically, we hear all about how he was able to endure those difficult 48 hours of Selection.

It’s an awesome story from an extraordinarily inspiring athlete and I’m super excited to share our conversation! Hope you guys enjoy!




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