Like a Bigfoot

This week race director and ultrarunner Candice Burt comes back on the show to chat about surviving 200 mile runs, organzing some of the biggest ultraruns in the nation and what she discovers through big time adventures!

To say Candice has been busy over the last few years would barely scratch the surface.  Not only does she organize, design and manage the Triple Crown of 200s (and many more races through her company Destination Trail), but she balances regular everyday life while striving to be the best athlete she can be.  To say it bluntly, what she manages to accomplish with her time is INCREDIBLE!!

We’ve featured a lot of episodes about running 200 mile races and if you loved those ones, this one will not dissappoint.  Candice has experienced more people taking these on than anyone in the world and has the knowledge and insight to show what actually gets people to successfully make it to the finish line.  She understands the strategies and mindsets that are necessary for racers to reach their goals and also shares the common mistakes she has seen to lead people to DNF.

Last year she took on one of these events as an athlete (and won the whole thing!), The Delirious W.E.S.T. 200- a point to point 200 mile race in Australia.  Through the race Candice faced all the highs and lows of a long endurance challenge and in this episode she shares what she learned from the experience.

This was a super fun conversation that I hope you guys enjoy!  Her knowledge of hallucinations and sleep deprivation is one of the more unique and intense things we have featured on the show and I’m hoping you take home some awesome nuggets of inspiration and information!

Please check out her races as they are known to be some of the most well-organized and great experiences in the country!




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